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Trying to figure out our playoffs and it comes down to this play. Serious question what is the purpose of ruling a fumble. The offense should keep possession on any fumble other than one through its own end zone, unless there is a clear recovery by the defense. The nfls rules have continued to evolve since footballs earliest days always changing to protect the leagues integrity and make the game fairer, safer and more entertaining.

If the ball is fumbled behind the ball carrier, then the offensive can run with it. After reading the boys of brayshaw series i had to come and read fumbled hearts. But the play exposed a part of the nfl rule book that could use revision. To answer your questions, the rule is to discourage intentional fumbling. The ground cant cause a fumble unless the runner is not down by contact, but the ground can definitely cause an incompletion, pereira said. Nfl official explains why one of footballs worst rules. Whether youre cheering for the team who lost the ball or the team who recovered it, everything in your heart of hearts tells you its a fumble. Kam chancellor recovered the ball at the seattle 14yard line and returned it to the 31. Where the word illegal appears in this rule book, it is an institutional term of art pertaining strictly to actions that violate nfl playing rules. But what is the purpose of having a fumble out of the opponents endzone be ruled as a touchback and change of possession. Quote michaelb just guessing here, but there was a famous raiders playoff game in the 70s, in which on the last play of the game the raiders player was getting tackled, and then he deliberately fumbled forward into the end zone, where they recovered it for a touchdown to win.

If you fumble out of your own endzone, sure, that should be a safety. Eligibility to touch a forward pass is governed by pass rules rule 7. Nfl official defends fumble recovery call in redskins game. Hes been on the wrong end of the nfl catch rule, and he knows how it can turn a. The nfl rulebook is under constant scrutiny, as every single football fan and playerscoaches too have their own thoughts and. When a runner goes down on his own, the ground can cause a fumble, and the ball continues in play. It seems rare that a play called on the field as a fumble recovered by the offense would be changed to a fumble recovered by the defense. The history of the nfls catch rule, which no one seems able to fix. If another player recovers, the ball is placed at the spot of the fumble. Nfl official defends fumble recovery call in redskins game, despite bad visual. The play in question was a legal hit on lions receiver calvin johnson, correctly. Every week during the season, well send you an email to your inbox with scores, this weeks schedule, top performers, fantasy drops and adds, new debuts and interesting tidbits. The fumble out of the end zone countless words have been written about this rule, which says that when the offense fumbles a ball into the end zone and it. Football question offensive fumble into the end zone.

Weve reached the pinnacle of pain, and its no surprise the no. All players are eligible to touch, catch or recover a fumble exceptions. Throw blue bb above head level to prevent inadvertent whistles. The major league baseball playoffs have begun, the 201415 nhl season has taken to the ice and the first tip off of the nbas the new season. A fumble may be forced by a defensive player who either grabs or punches the ball or butts. It makes zero sense as a rule and the offense should keep the ball on any fumble out of. The phrase, lateral pass, does not exist in the nfl rule book. They had not been to the playoffs since winning their third nfl title in 1960, and had only notched two winning seasons in the 17 years since then. You know the rule about fumbles on fourth down, only the.

This edition of the official playing rules of the national football league contains all current rules governing the playing of professional football that are in effect for the 2019 nfl season. An overturned catch played a big part in his 1999 tampa bay buccaneers. A forward pass is complete by the offense or intercepted by the defense in the field of play, at the sideline, or in the end zone if a player, who is inbounds. By rule, a fumble that goes out of bounds through a defensive teams end zone is a touchback, and the defensive team gets the ball. Andre ellington questionable catch and fumble overturned. Nfl makes slight change to rules regarding fumbles. The new nfl rule book contains a page that says delete. The game kobe bryant showed off vs michael jordan, epic duel highlights 1997. No the real reason the rule exist is because it carried over when football was adapted from rugby. If the ball had fallen out of bounds before the end zone, washington would have retained possession at the spot of the fumble. Eligibility to touch a kick is governed by kick rules rule 6. This edition of the official playing rules of the national football league contains all current rules governing the playing of professional football that are in effect for the 2016 nfl season. A fumble is any act other than a pass or legal kick which results in.

The nfl video rulebook explains nfl rules with video examples. The nfls convoluted rules cost the jets a touchdown, and. Andre ellington caught a pass from drew stanton late in the first half and appeared to fumble the ball. This edition of the official playing rules of the national football league contains all current rules governing the playing of professional football that are in effect for the 2018 nfl season. Its also available for hockey, basketball and baseball. Jim brown, terry bradshaw, dan marino, howie long, and brett favre are among the players who took a run at film stardom. Some rules are dumb, and dumb rules should be changed, so join me as we take a look at the five dumbest rules in the nfl which need to be addressed. Order of the rules rule page 1 field 1 2 ball 3 3 definitions 4 4 game timing 12 5 players, substitutes, equipment, general rules 18 6 free kicks 25 7 ball in play, dead ball, scrimmage 28 8 forward pass, backward pass, fumble 34 9 scrimmage kick 45 10 opportunity to catch a kick, fair catch 49 11 scoring 51 12 player conduct 57. Build your own custom leaderboards with the play index. Nfl rules state that the ground cant cause a fumble. By rule, it is any act other than passing, kicking, punting, or successful handing that results in loss of ball possession by a player. Since the rule to allow qbs to simply kneel did not take effect until 1987. It was added following the 1978 season in which the famous holy roller play occurred. Nfl will again revisit most unfair rule in the game.

We have the fumble, and i want you to watch the line judge at the top of the screen. Please note that nfl digital care representatives are unable to answer requests regarding specific rules or play calls, and have no contact with those involved in the rule changing process. Why not rule it as down at the spot of the fumble, or at worst place it on the 25 yard line with no change of possession. Its not considered negative points on an offensive player unless they lose the fumble. Rule 8, section 5, article 2 forward pass, backward pass, fumble.

Whats the justification for this rarelyinvoked nfl. The league created a rule after that so that a player cannot deliberately fumble forward. This edition of the official playing rules of the national football leaguecontains all current rules governing the playing of professional football that are in effect for the 2007 nfl season. Fumble article 4a fumble is any act, other than a pass or kick, which results in loss of player possession. If a player pretends to fumble and causes the ball to go forward, it is a forward pass and may be illegal. This kind of rule change wouldnt have been possible when they created the rule book, but with instant replay, its something that i dont see the downside in changing. The referees technically made the right call when they ruled austin seferianjenkinss late fumble a touchback. Fumbled hearts was one delicious, angsty roller coaster of a ride.

Rule 8, section 1, article 3, item 1 of the nfl rule book page 51 states that if a player goes to the ground in the act of catching a pass with or without contact with an opponent, he must maintain control of the ball after he touches the ground, whether in the field of play or in the end zone. A fumble in the final two minutes of a game, or on fourth down at any time in the game, now may not be advanced by the offense beyond the spot of the fumble unless the player who fumbled recovers the ball. This edition of the official playing rules of the national football league contains all current rules governing the playing of professional football that are in effect for the 2017 nfl season. Fumbled hearts was one of a kind and i couldnt put it down from start to finish. The reason the ground cant cause a fumble is because when the ballcarrier hits the ground, the play is over. Clowney said it was not, and he is the only person who knows whats in his heart. With the advent of free agency in the nfl in 1993, the team maximized its spending on available players, hoping to hit the. In that most important sense, it is no different from the texas tech. Questionable 2019 nfl playoff officiating decisions what. It is more likely that a play called not a fumble on the field and recovered by the defense would be challenged and changed to a fumble recovery by the defense.

See how todays rules have come about through testing, analysis and careful deliberation, and how the game has evolved into the sport beloved by millions today. The nfl released its rule book for the 2017 season, which means its a big day if youre the kind of person who wants to pore over a 93page pdf with field dimensions in it. A forward pass is intercepted by a defensive player in his end zone. Detroit lions should have had the ball despite fumble. You tell me, is their intent to make contact without playing the ball.

The miracle at the meadowlands was a fumble recovery by cornerback herman edwards of the. Ohio high school athletic association 2019 approved fb. It is not meant to connote illegality under any public law. The rule was put in the rule book after the raiders beat the chargers on an intentional forward fumble in 1978. Member clubs of the league may amend the rules from time to time, pursuant to the applicable voting procedures of the nfl constitution and bylaws.

The ground cannot cause a fumble when the player in possession is down by contact from an opponent. If the player loses possession of the ball while attempting to recock his arm, it is a fumble. A pickplay is essentially offensive pass interference, the following clarification gets at the heart of the matter. In rugby it makes sense because a lose ball that goes oob is restarted where it went oob, but since that isnt true in the nfl, the rule is illogical but has never been changed. Nfl official explains why one of footballs worst rules exists in the first place. Wright admits to intentionally batting fumble from calvin johnson after seattle safety kam chancellor knocked the ball lose in the seahawks 10 win over the detroit lions. New cleveland browns owner jimmy haslam iii has a tall task ahead. Nfl slightly revises definition of fumble profootballtalk.

No crazy possession swings, no more fumbling for a first down, easy. Tell me, do you stand every time it is played, with hand over heart or do you sit like a. I would have had this book finished way sooner but as you know life got on the way. Are nfl players allowed to purposely fumble the ball. In simpler times, wed say the ground cant cause a fumble. Dean blandino, nfl vice president of officiating, released this weeks media tape regarding rules calls mostly from week 4 150 mb download. There is no distinction between a player touching the ball with his hands, or. A players entire body must be past the line of scrimmage in. Where the word illegal appears in this rule book, it is an institutional term of art pertaining. If any player fumbles after the twominute warning in a half, only the fumbling player is permitted to recover andor advance the ball. Is it still a forced fumble if the team forcing the fumble, does not recover it. Cleveland fans, consider this a muchneeded therapy session.

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