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Jisun park august 22, 2019 art supplies, art haul, art books, watercolors, palette comment. Book haul book haul books big bad wolf jakarta 2017 book haul. Mg book village a place for middle grade booklovers to. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ive never been in a position where book hauls were really possible. The art of happy moving simplify and organize your move. The feedback and questions can serve as clues for your art blog posts. Then post the link to the art blog article on facebook. I so enjoyed filming my first thrift haul video last year that i wanted to make another one. We all appreciate art in our own ways, be it via manga, anime or video games.

So in my last book haul i mentioned how im probably going to be slowing down and not buy so many books. Today, i would like to showcase 20 extraordinary blogs with unique post designs. Moreover, please be reminded that my opinions on items featured in this section are my own and do not reflect and represent the. This time, the design, though very much like the previous ones which you can find here and here, is much more glittery, with a backdrop that is meant to resemble the starry night sky. My christmas book haul, or in other words a reading list for the beginning. Back to college stationery haul girl down a rabbit hole blog. While there is always some overlap in all these art technique books. You know, the book with the gorgeous cover, the unique title and the catchy slogan which turns out to be a pile of garbage. As you can guess by the title of this blog, the books i. Schmincke watercolors, watercolor palette, and a modern art book. Not to say that im putting myself on a book ban but, im trying not to buy too many books, at least physical because our apartment is teeny tiny. The studio is committed to bringing you highquality products. However, its been a while since ive made a post about reading material ive purchased. Ive listed 100 art video title or topic ideas for youtube in this post.

With a love of books, videogames, animals, art and of course strawberries theres always something on my mind i just love to discuss. I hope youve enjoyed the posts ive put out during my absence, including the recent and very first on this blog author interview. This is a pretty good mix four horror, one graphic novel, one classic, one fantasy, one science fiction, one mystery, and two general fiction. This blog is mainly dedicated to my book obsession especially. United states about blog the studio is an online store specializing in high quality digital art for digital scrapbooking, art journaling, photography and commercial use. Right about now we could probably all do with some heart warming, uplifting stories and clover cottage fits the bill. Com does not support any ways to monetize your site. Books like these are the reason i have trust issues. Topic ideas for your art blog posts renee phillips.

Having trouble coming up with ideas for art projects, art blog posts or art youtube channel videos. Ive just been busy the past couple months and didnt have time to post my book hauls or anything else on instagram, which is what i use to alert myself to do a book haul on here. I am sharing my art books and inspirational books with you guys, to show you some of the ways you can find inspiration for your art. This entry was posted in book hauls and tagged book blog, book recommendations, books, childrens books. Hello everyone, hope you are doing well and keeping safe. Cafe journaling is a collection of cafes that we have tried and tested to be conducive for journaling, reading. Continue reading big bad wolf jakarta 2017 book haul. I did, however, purchase a few books so i thought id do a little haul to show you what i picked up. I love being able to find out about new books that are going to be released within the next month and it always gets me excited about new books to read. Okay, perhaps not really a haul since i only bought two books.

And what better method to enjoy it to the fullest than picking up an art book of your choice and flipping through at your own leisure. However, im currently in the middle of a gap year, and my income from work has meant there. So this might seem like a large haul kinda, but its only because i hadnt posted one of these since october. Use superspacechick for a discount on your jordandene purchases. For example, you could ask your facebook friends to provide reactions to a new work of art and request their permission to use their positive quotes in your art blog. We all have stories worth telling stories that can encourage, inspire, and empower one another. One of my alltimefavorite things to do at home or elsewhere, is filling notebooks. Verified services view full profile follow blog via email. Not going to be too many of these but i thought id highlight some books i purchased recently. Book blog for witches, wizards, squibs and muggles. This space is specially crafted for all of my beauty haul and unboxing posts. While, yes, this is a redesign of sorts, im considering much more a rethinking. Keep your drivers safe with realtime safety information and stateoftheart applications.

Llc receives a commission from any sales made through this post. Today im so excited to feature one of my favorite bookish small businesses. Our book club books and tea is doing a readalong of an enchantment of ravens by margaret rogerson next month so i just wanted to hype it up a little bit because as you may remember it was one of my favorite reads last year it was so cute and fun. While i was planning this post i decided to research hauls. Some of them you can use as ideas for you art projects that you dont even post online. I do go to second hand shops once in a while to look for fun finds, and im especially thrilled when i find something that i. Part of the relish of journaling is the encouragement it gives to explore new places. Reading list my christmas book haul 2018 miss getaway. Hi everyone, its been a while since ive posted a book haul and also a while since ive been properly active in the blogging community, apart from a few prescheduled posts. In this new series of cafe journaling, we will introduce to you some good cafes for journaling away from your desk.

I didnt manage to get anything read in february so im skipping on the monthly wrap up. We often find excuses to experience life so that we can pen it down in our journal. This is all of our village, so if there is something that you think is missing or that. Book blog fantasy sci fi fiction butterbeer, books. One thing i always love writing about, is new book releases. I used to love writing book haul posts id do them every week and join in with all the different lucy powrie. Im a mixed bag of fun, silly and serious topics, and so is my blog. If you are looking for something to do, together with your kids or on your own, may i suggest this. The first book i got was the manga sword art online. Psychology seems to favour comparison, unfortunately. This book is all about the trials and tribulations of setting up the sanctuary, the adventures of their. Unless you like having pretty books on your shelf regardless of the content, heres my advice.

I havent bought much between july and august so i decided to combine the two posts. Hello everyone and welcome to the beauty haul section of my blog. I had a ton of fun with my blog post on the tour find it here. The nocturnal fey is a blog dedicated to books, arts and anything related run by a filipino bookworm and selftaught artist. February book haul from ek books the strawberry post. I hate it that we still dont have internet connection. People may watch these videos or read posts and compare their lives to the luxury lifestyles portrayed online. I am always surprised by how difficult it is to create clouds, despite their existence as nonspecifically lumpy blobs. Top 100 scrapbooking blogs and websites for scrapbookers in 2020. Although its the third book in the wonderful love heart lane series, clover cottage can be read as a stand alone. Throne of glass collectors edition by sarah j mass.

Book haul septermber book haul september 24, 2017 september 24. Pages other brand website personal blog not a book haul. For todays blog post, a thrifted haul of yummy books. So a while ago i saw a beautiful print of some art form the bear and the nightingale and i had to find out where they got it. I cant believe im missing on so many blog posts from you and from everyone else i follow. This subreddit is meant to foster discussions on art books, and showcasing collections and pickups centered around them.

If you start constructing your blog through wordpress. I usually post a selection of books for my book haul post but todays post only features the one book but oh boy. In this video, i have an art book haul where im showing all the new watercolor art books that ive bought recently. You can draw it all this is an art drawing book that focuses on drawing. Today im going to be sharing my book haul from january to march. I hope that you all had a lovely christmas, and if you dont celebrate the holidays, then i hope that however you spent the day, it was with family and friends, having fun.

I picked this up at blackwells art shop in oxford, and i was initially drawn to it because it. Writing and publishing blog posts or articles on your own website isnt good enough. Watercolors, studio supplies, highlighters, and pens. I am loving this work of writing blogs, reading your blogs, commenting on them, receiving the likes, comments and valuable suggestions.

It started with our kitten, only a few months old and we were struggling with his health and a vet that apparently has an awful reputation but we learned too late that said vet is. While there are a lot of beautiful and welldesigned blogs out there, most of them use a single template for each of their blog posts. Obviously when youre at university, youre barely getting enough money in to buy food, let alone buy books. Its february and another lovely month of books in the post. Wordpress is a great platform to showcase the art of writing be it on the spot or else. Your website is just one place people might discover your content. Hello readers, it has been quite some time since i did a book haul, and thought i would share. Its a book that gives you a hug and can be purchased for just 99p on bookbub. Top 100 scrapbooking blogs and websites for scrapbookers. The cool thing about this one, is that the creator mentioned there will be a n. Here you can get a glimpse of what goes behindthescenes at everleaf designs as jisun shares honestly and openly about her creative process and personal stories as a mom, artist, and creative business. Fictionophiles january 2020 book haul fictionophile. All the books are linked above for you to go and checkoutpurchase on amazon. This is a place for the middle grade community to connect, share, learn, discuss, inspire, embolden, comfort, assist, and do all the countless other things strong communities do for its members.

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