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Quantifiers all, most, both, either, neither, any, no, none. Determiners and quantifiers are words we use in front of nouns. May 18, 2012 complete the following sentences using appropriate quantifiers. Present perfect enero 7 2014 39 diciembre 3 noviembre 5 octubre 27 septiembre 4. His latest book is a lot more interesting than his last one 6. Quantifiers much, many, some, any, few, litte grammar exercises. I think he drank a lot of, lots of, much wine last night.

Contable nouns incontable nouns a saxophone an alarm clock some drills any hairdryers a lot of mp4 players a few guitars some work any music a lot of noise a little money choose the correct answer a you should invite a little a lot of guests to the party, because usually a few a little people cant come. Therefore, they are commonly used before a noun or phrase. You have to bear in mind that quantifiers cannot be used indistinctly. Students solutions upperintermediate 3rd edition grammar exercise 1 articles and quantifiers. I dont have patience and i find jigsaw puzzles boring. These quantifiers are used particularly with abstract nouns such as time, money and trouble. Exercises 25, adjetivos y pronombres demonstrativos. English segundo y tercer ciclo primaria secundaria eso. Quantifiers much, many, some, any, few, little exercises learning english. Quantifiers exercise 2 quantifiers exercise 3 a little or little a few or few exercise a few a little worksheet 2 3 4 drag and drop exercises. Choose a word from the table below to fill each space. Read clear grammar explanations and example sentences to help you understand how determiners and quantifiers are used. Here are 3 exercises to practice using the quantifiers any some, how much how many, a little a few.

Aug 12, 20 articles, quantifiers and determiners in english. Twochoice exercise on quantifiers many, much, any, some, a few, a little. Home page grammar exercises preintermediate quantifiers gap fill exercise. Every one of the students in my class passed the exam. Some of my friends, some of the friends not some the. Many learners of english have difficulties with articles because the system of defining nouns can vary widely between different languages, and the system in english is both very simple we only have 3 articles and very complex we use them in sometimes quite complicated ways. He cant read or write at all, and he can hardly count. The definite article the signals that the reference is specific. Complete the sentences with appropriate articles and quantifiers. Practice with a few, a little and few and little fill in a few or few 1. Possessive pronouns my, our, your, his, her, its, their 3. Quantifiers are used when we want to express the amountnumber of something. Determiners can be used in a general or specific manner. All the candidates filed financial disclosure statements.

Most, many, a lot of americans dont like george bush 4. Quantifiers exercise 1 quantifiers exercise 2 quantifiers exercise 3 a little or little a few or few exercise a few a little worksheet 2 3 4 drag and drop exercises. Grammar worksheet all things grammar grammar focus some and any level intermediate answer key my notes 1. It is the result of the team work of the english department who have been searching in the web for the best resources for our students. It really depends on the writing form you are using. The dietary habits of a child often have to do with that childs eating. All downloads are in pdf format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. There are 5 activities 1write countable or uncountable 2 find the words in the wordsearch 3,4,5 choose the right option some, any. Quantifiers much, many, etc multiple choice test 2. We use determiners to identify things this book, my sister and we use quantifiers to say how much or how many a few people, a lot of problems. Nouns and determiners southeastern louisiana university.

Articles, determiners and quantifiers are the main types of words that go before a noun and give a lot of important information about what the noun is. March 2, 2018 fill in the blanks with an appropriate determiner. Exercise 1 articles and quantifiers solutions oxford. Here you will find many quantifiers english grammar exercises at all levels so you can practice and improve your knowledge of quantifiers in english. Quantifiers and determiners exercises quantity words. An article comes before a noun, and shows what type of noun it is. Preintermediate grammar quantifiers gap fill exercise. A good number of the candidates filed financial disclosure statements. The effective use of determiners is to add specificity to your writing. Articles a, an, the the indefinite articles a or an signal that the reference is non specific or general. Quantifiers truefalse the two sentences have the same meaning. Determiners and quantifiers learnenglish british council.

It seems we have had a lot of, many, lots of assignments in english this year. I wanted to buy any fresh eggs, but there werent some in the store. Much of philosophy is concerned with life after death. English secundaria eso ejercicios, recursos y actividades. Most of the time, we dont even realize that we are using them. English grammar online exercises and downloadable worksheets. Quantifiers pdf worksheets english vocabulary and grammar. Quantifiers determiners exercises choose the appropriate quantifier determiner.

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