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Ground source heat pumps, ground source heat pump installers. Helppokayttoinen ja nappara top set lyhentaa asennusaikaa ja asentajalla on aina kaikki tarvittavat osat mukana. Nibe is a leading player in the field of inverter technology, with many years experience of variable output ground source heat pumps. To rezultira optimalnom stednjom jer toplinska crpka uvijek radi s primjernom snagom, bez potrebe za. Nibe f1255 pc je inteligentna toplinska crpka opremljena s inverteskim kompresorom i frekventno kontroliranim optockim crpkama. Nibe f1255 16 cu 065059 here youll find our primary range for nibe f1255 16. Installation method rock the heat pump collects a proportion of the rocks stored solar energy via a collector in a bore hole in the rock. Which heat pumpsindoor modules work with nibe uplink. Nibe f1245 ground source heat pump uhb gb 11081 431039. It also gives you the opportunity to control comfort in your home no matter where you are by using nibe uplinktm. The inclusion of usb ports make software updates and operating data downloads quick and simple to perform. Nibe f1255 is a heat pump for heating small houses and terraced. Nibe f125512 nibe f125516 nibe f12556 pc nibe f1255 inverter controlled ground source heat pump with an integrated water.

The nibe pcm accessory gives your installation a high degree of flexibility. Hi all, i see you are cooperate the nibe manufacturer of air heat pump luftwarmepume is also supported ive nibe model acvm 270em with ams 10. Heat supplied by the nibe ground source heat pumps that we install will provide all of the hot water and space heating requirements for your home. Visit and click the software tab to download the latest software for your installation. Top set koostuu alan johtavien valmistajien komponenteista.

Ground source heat pump nibe f1155, nibe f1255 a new. Nibe f125516 cu 065059 nibe geothermal heat pumps nibe. This manual describes installation and service proced. How to scroll through menus and make different settings is described on page 32. Multipurpose with the addition of various accessories, our new heat pumps can do. Nibe f2120 is an airwater heat pump that represents marketleading efficiencies. Nibe f1255 provides optimum savings since the heat pump always performs efficiently and automatically adapts to your homes heating demand all year round. If you cant find the spare part youre looking for, please contact us by phone, chat or email and well help you find the right spare part and see if its available. Prikladna je za individualne i industrijske objekte. Tableofcontents 1 importantinformation 4 installationdata 4 safetyinformation 5 f2120anexcellentchoice 7 2 theheatpumptheheartofthehouse 8 heatpumpfunction 8 contactwithf2120 10. All our spare parts for nibe f1145 are original from nibe and have 12 month warranty. Vvm 500 can receive energy from several different alternatives such as solar panels, external oil, gas, or woodboiler, internal immersion heater or nibe f2300. The electrical installation must be carried out by a qualified.

Design f1255isequippedwitha180litrewaterheater,which isoptimallyinsulatedforminimalheatloss. F1155 nibe energy systems pdf catalogs documentation. Bosch compress ehp 17 lw bosch parts by model bosch. Compatible with heat pumps in the nibe f1155f1255 series. How to set the indoor climate temperature on your nibe heat pump, includes the following models f370, f470, f1145, f1245, f45 and smo 40. Software controlled circulation pumps that supply the heat pump and the heating system with suitable flow. Nibe how to set the indoor climate temperature youtube.

Nibe uplink monitors which software is suitable for your system and allows you to download and upgrade to the latest version. Nibe f1255 is an intelligent, invertercontrolled ground source heat pump with integrated water heater. Can i openhab for controll and setting has anyone experience with nibe model acvm 270em thnaks marius. F1245, f1255 installation note all electrical connections must be carried out. Ensure that the unit is stable when installed, so that it can withstand earthquakes and strong winds. The nibe ers 10400 is designed for installation with a nibe ground source heat pump or a nibe airwater heat pump for a complete heating and ventilation. Pcs 44 is used when heat pump is installed in an installation with passive cooling. Nibe f1255 ground source heat pump with integrated water heater, inverted controlled compressor nibe f45 ground source heat pump for residential and commercial use, high heat demand. Page 62 always in english of the most probable update that the update software has selected form the usb f1255 is equipped with a usb socket in the display unit. This system controls everything with its software, allowing you to integrate products within your home to create a balanced indoor climate with minimal impact on the environment.

When more heat and hot water is required, the output. Inverter controlled compressor with evi technology that adapts output to the prevailing requirements. Transport f1255shouldbetransportedandstoredverticallyina dryplace. Heat pump nibe fighter 200p installation and maintenance instructions manual. Nibe modbusmanager is a program package for users of nibe modbus 40. F1155 f1155 ub1 eb1 qm34 qm31 ub2 qm32 qm33 xl1 xl6 xl7 xl9 xl2 qn10 pf1 pf3 pf2 bt2 ub3 aa4 aa4xj3 aa4xj4 sf1 w % only f1155 em. Nibe vvm 310 indoor unit takes care of your hot water demand and ensures that the correct heating power is sent to your heating system in the most efficient way.

It is developed in such a way as to enable all the heat pumps potential applications both free cooling and hot water production. Nibe product range energy source ground source heat pumps nibe f1155 nibe f1255 nibe f55 airwater heat pumps nibe f2120 nibe f2040 nibe split exhaust air heat. Ground source heat is solar energy that has been stored deep down in the ground, at the bottom of a lake or a few metres under your garden. Alla vara reservdelar ar original och omfattas av 12 manaders garanti. Together with nibe f2300 it creates a complete system to supply heating and hot water. Minimal operating costs, the compressor increases decreases speed according to the prevailing heating demand. Nibe f1255 groundsourceheatpump speedcontrolledgroundsourceheatpumpwithintegrated waterheater optimalannualcoefficientofperformanceandminimal. Whenbeingmovedintoabuilding, f1255 maybeleantback45. Nibe f125516 cu 065059 nibe berg och jordvarme nibe. With a ground source heat pump from nibe you can heat and supply hot water to your home and cool it down on warm summer days.

Here youll find our primary range for nibe f114510 665204. Compatible with heat pumps in the nibe f1155 f1255 series. Installation without sufficient support can also cause vibrations and noise. Unsuitable installation locations can cause the unit to fall and cause material damage and personal injury. Nibe f114510 665204 nibe geothermal heat pumps nibe. Nibe hpac was developed in such a way as to enable all the heat pumps potential.

Nibef1255 groundsourceheatpump speedcontrolledgroundsourceheatpumpwithintegrated waterheater optimalannualcoefficientofperformanceandminimal. Nibe heat pump brochure 2015 by nutech renewables ltd issuu. Nov 05, 2015 nibe f2300 warmepumpe installation teil 3. The heat pump automatically adjusts itself to the output requirement of the house during the year. Nibe uplink gives you a quick overview and the present status of your system. Register an account nibe energy systems nibe energy systems. Nibe hpac 40 is compatible with the nibe f1145f11551245 f1255 series and nibe hpac 45 with the nibe f45. Innehallsforteckning 4 1 komponentplaceringcomponentlocations. Nibe f2040 wirh allinone indoor unit cabinet solution nibe vvm 310.

Thank you for installing a new nibe heat pump in your home. Nibe f1255 nibe f1255 is a heat pump for heating small houses and smaller multioccupancy houses. Or scan the qr code shown below with your android phone. Page 1 installer manual nibe f1255 ground source heat pump ihb gb 351 231531 page 2 a detailed explanation of the button functions can be found on page 30. Nibe f1155f1255 are intelligent heat pumps fitted with. Nibe f1255 ground source heat pump with integrated water heater, inverted controlled compressor nibe f45 ground source heat pump for residential and commercial use, high heat demand nibe flm exhaust air module nibe amb 30 air collector in combination with nibe f45 nibe hpac climate exchange module for passive and active. Nibe product range nibe energy systems pdf catalogs. Nibe f1155f1255 nibe f1155f1255 are intelligent heat pumps fitted with invertercontrolled compressor and speedcontrolled circulation pumps. Top set asennussarja on tarkoitettu kayttoveden ja lammonjaon asennuksiin maalampopumppu malleissa nibe f1226 new, f1255 ja f1245. Ground source heat pumps use a buried ground loop that transfers heat from the ground into the building. Heat pump comfort without bottom source or outdoor unit.

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